Pastor Josh

The Fiery Furnace

This account recorded during their captivity would serve as a reminder to Gods people, down through the centuries, that  God requires obedience to Him whatever the consequences while at the same time affirming God’s sovereignty over creation and presence among his people. God can be trusted no matter the situation. Rest in him with full obedience. When in exile. When facing a fiery furnace. God expects our obedience regardless of the circumstances. 

Suffering Servant

The People of God feel the weight of their wicked kings and leaders. Into this setting Isaiah 53 speaks! "There is coming a Davidic king who will bring salvation to his people. He will be exalted as he rules but first, he must suffer. Not because he is sinful but because he will suffer, even to the point of death in the place of his people. Then he will be exalted and his redeemed people with him."

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